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powerful fart in the world


With the most powerful fart in the bug world… the Bombardier beetle.
If you see one of these guys prancing round your kitchen you’d best suit-up before approaching because when narked the bombardier will fire with extreme prejudice a noxious chemical spray from twin exhausts in his butt right into your face. Incredibly this insect actually walks around with two reactant chemical compounds – hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide stored in separate reservoirs in its abdomen. Not only that – in battle he can force these reactants through two valves into another chamber containing water and catalytic enzymes which when mixed react violently and explode.
At 70 rounds in an instant insect invaders and small creatures lie dead and seriously injured – and your skin really hurts. Not content with just firing boiling chemicals at enemies, this little beetle’s cannon can also swivel 270° and thrust through his legs thereby splattering his opponents from a zillion directions with pinpoint accuracy.

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